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Text Editor

1. 2-3 years working experience, preferably in Chinese, news, or IT related majors;
2. Grasp written skills, strong writing intentions, with occupational background such as reporters, writers and publishers is preferred.
3. Proficient in the Internet and new media language, having experience in reporting influential people, company reports, etc.
4. Have knowledge in the IT application enterprise market or other TOB industry dissemination rules.Having experience in industry client portrait, client routes and reaching, value dissemination is preferred.
5. Independent thinking, strong curiosity, love activities!


1. External connection interviews and writing reports(people or companies).
2. Compiling,translating and editing articles.
3. Real-time pay attention to major technology field events, people, trends, companies and so on, and write reports.
4. Manage and plan the company's own media channels, including the Wechat account, official website and other self-media platform content.
5. Learn more about market situation, media channels and comments of products and service line, and make marketing plans accordingly.
6. Carry out the content planning and communication tasks in the company's projects, by insight market and media situation, provide decision making suggestions. Make perfect spreading plan and implement it according to the time node to ensure good propagation effect.
7. Familiar with various network word-of-mouth communication methods and marketing tools, and shall have own expertise. Be able to maximize the company's brand and word-of-mouth coverage by timely tracking effect, and analyzing evaluation means, and write a report.