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Network Security
Network engineer

1、At least 2 years relevant working experience;
2、Familiar with the security technology framework, have a unique understanding of security technology;
3、Good communication and presentation skills and team work spirit is required;
4、 Proficient in the TCP/IP protocol, familiar with Linux, Unix system;
5、 Have experience in handling trojans, viruses, intrusion, network attacks and other sudden security incidents;
6、At least proficient in network defense, host defense, email defense;
7、 At least familiar with any one of these such as anti-virus, IPS, firewalls, vulnerability scanning, WAF and other security products;
8、Have event analysis and the analytic reduction ability,with network security attack and defense knowledge and the experience is preferred;
9、Familiar with the common security loopholes, prevention methods and audit methods, including DDoS attacks, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF and other owasp; Top;


1、Take action to handle emergent network attacks and security incidents by dynamic security operations and monitoring;
2、Make IT security incident investigation, provide safety and security for the company's activities;
3、Analyse security big data and supervise on cases to ensure IT system security of company.
4、Do network security and defense technology research by simulating attack scenes and attack methods;
5、Responsible for network security compliance related work,for instance, protection of network security level;