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Senior testing engineer

1. More than 5 years experience in testing, familiar with software testing theory and method, familiar with software testing process; be able to lead a team.
2. Familiar with Linux environment, Web Server, MySQL database, etc. Have knowledge in database tuning or in DBA is preferred.
3. Familiar with TCPIP protocol, with stream media experience such as IPTV,VoIP, video conference etc. Familiar with audio and video CODEC, sealing format, control transmission protocol RTSP/RTP/SIP). Have testing experience in telecommunication, monitoring, video conference is preferred.
4. Familiar with SQL statements and common testing tools, such as loadrunner, qtp, winrunner and have software development experience, white-box testing experience is preferred;
5. Have good communication ability, logical thinking ability, strong sense of responsibility, working enthusiasm,with good sense of teamwork, and be able to adapt to the challenges and pressure of the work environment. Be willing to serve for company for a long term.


1. Be responsible for testing of the MIC-connected products.
2. Be responsible for the testing of live broadcast APP products;
3. Be responsible for management OF team's log and work plan;
4. Be responsible for online education, and testing of gaming industry solutions.