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Operation And Maintenance
Operation and maintenance engineer

1. Bachelor’s degree or above, majored in computer or related
2. More than two years experience in CDN operation or 2 years operation and maintenance of Linux system;
3. Have experience in streaming media service or testing is preferred;
4. Master at least one scripting language, with the ability of low-level script development, proficiency in the use of scripts to finish daily system operations;
5. Love the system operation and maintenance, technical support work, can bear work pressure, with team cooperation spirit;


1. Be responsible for daily operation and maintenance of MIC-connected live broadcast.
2. Responsible for daily operation of business network, Linux system , server equipment operation and troubleshooting;
3. Be responsible for node construction and upgradation of MIC-connected live broadcast , as well as system updating.
4. Find operation system development and optimization demands according to daily operation requirement;
5. Cooperate with team members to test and develop

Core CDN operation and maintenance engineer

1. At least 2 years operation and maintenance experience in CDN, familiar with the implementation principle and troubleshooting method of CDN
2. Proficient in Linux system, familiar with shell or python, and familiar with Nginx, Cache and other services
3. Familiar with TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, can find and solve problems quickly
4. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, be proactive and can bear work pressure


1. Responsible for ensuring customer service quality, follow up and continuously support customer needs
2. Responsible for contacting customers, and develop complete solutions according to customers’ requirement
3. Responsible for the contacting CDN providers’ technician to ensure that the basic services are stable and efficient