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UI Designer

1. Working experience in Mobile UI design
2. Proficient in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, or sketch and other necessary professional software;
3. Have a good understanding of mobile UI design, can accurately grasp the overall style and color of the product, familiar with iOS, Android system common design style, design specifications;
4. With icon logo interface design skills and design creativity, with certain innovative thinking;
5. Serious and meticulous, with a good sense of teamwork, strong self-learning ability.
6. Understand the live broadcast category APP interface, user habits, interactive ways. Have own understanding, insights.
7. Have the ability to provide high-quality product prototypes, flow charts, wireframe, and can express the design plan clearly.


1. Responsible for client (APP) design for IOS, Android, Windows and related products;
2. Can grasp the overall UI style, color and layout;
3. Improve interface design combined with user experience.
4. Be responsible for the design experience, process and norms of mobile products.