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Video product manager

1. Bachelor degree or above, 5 years of Internet product/platform software product manager, operation, or pre-sales related work experience. Familiar with live broadcast, multimedia communication related products and solutions.
2. Sensitive to user needs, focus on the details of terminal software products experience, can grasp the user experience accurately, with excellent industry vision, and a strong demand analysis and product planning and operational capabilities;
3. Familiar with live broadcast industry, multimedia communication industry, Internet educational industry, games and related products is preferred. Have SAAS product definition, design, R&D management, operation experience is preferred;
4. Good logical thinking ability, strong sense of responsibility, work enthusiasm, and a good sense of teamwork. Have excellent reporting and presentation skills as well as customer communication skills; Can bear work pressure.
5. Have working experience in IT/communication technology provider or integrator, Internet companies is preferred. It is better to having pre-sales related work experience;


1. Be responsible for the planning, design and operation of live broadcast video cloud platform products.
2. Responsible for planning and operation of live broadcast industry, live +games, live broadcast+ education and other solutions. Also responsible for operation of important project and pre-sales communication.